Jessica Da Silva is a regular contributor to our Wednesday Video and she collaborates with Cape Town Is Awesome on various projects like “Saving Private Rhino”.  We also enjoy Jess’s video series called “The Lazy Girls Guide” and share it with our audience on a regular basis. If you like funny, down to earth people make sure to like and subscribe to Jessica’s social channels below. You won’t regret it…

About Jessica Da Silva (by Jessica Da Silva):

I’m a 90’s baby who always had a love for entertainment and making people laugh. I could finally start properly pursuing my dreams when I started out in campus radio at MFM 92.6 in 2012.
After 3 years, I moved on up to commercial radio as a presenter on KFM, took on MC’ing and now I have discovered an absolute love for vlogging. I document my travels, my constant eating and my day to day life in general and have a ton of fun doing it. 
You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook under JessDaSilvaZA and you can also find me on YouTube!
 If You are interested in doing collaborations or becoming a contributor to Cape Town Is Awesome click this link:
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