Awesome Capetonians Needed to be Featured on Cape Town is Awesome

One of the things that we are coming to realize more every day is how many Awesome People there are in Cape Town. As a celebration of all the Awesome Capetonians out there we have decided to give them some love on our website and media channels. We are talking about people with Special Skills like Kyle from Cape Town Freestyle in the header pic. He has some really awesome skills with a soccer ball and deserves to be showcased to every person in Cape Town.

So, if you are one of those people with Awesome Skills, please fill in the form below to let us know about your skills and we will set up an interview/demo and do a nice write-up about you and promote it to our Audience all over the world. So if you are Awesome at anything¬†(Singing, art, soccer, headstands, knife throwing, fire blowing, high kicks – really anything) fill out this form and let’s get going!


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