5 Ways You Might Be Wasting Water Without Knowing It

So level 6 water restrictions are in place and day zero is predicted to be less than 90 days away.  Our current daily water limit is 87L per person, but that limit might soon be reduced to 50 L if current conditions don’t improve (that is still double the amount we will have access to if day zero hits)

It’s time to pull in the rains and ration our water as much as possible. Let’s take a close look at where we might be using water unnecessarily.

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Met Eish?

  • Use frozen fruit instead of ice in your smoothies
  • Use Re-usable ice cubes
  • Turn off your freezer’s ice maker
  • Freeze juice, tea, or coffee in ice cube trays to cool down your drink instead of water.


Alternatives to drinking tap water:

  • Cold pressed/freshly squeezed juice
  • Coconut water
  • Eating juicy fruit like watermelon

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Take a 2-minute power shower:

Turn on the water to wet your body, then turn the water off while you lather up. Turn on the water to rinse off the soap and you’re done!

Fit taps with aerators or restrictors to reduce flow

Use 2-1 shower gel that can be used as a shampoo and body soap

Use leave-in conditioner after your shower instead of standard conditioner that needs to be rinsed off.


  • When washing dishes, don’t use too much dish soap. It will take longer to rinse off meaning more water wasted.
  • Rinse your clean, soapy dishes in a bucket instead of under a running tap.
  • Re-use the rinsing water to clean your home.
  • Don’t buy cleaning products that need to be diluted with water (fabric softener / all-purpose cleaner concentrate) It might not be as economical, but you will be saving about 1 liter of water doing so.
  • Use the same glass/cup the whole day. More dishes = more water
  • Use disposable and recyclable cutlery to reduce washing up.


Meal Times

Waterless cooking has been catching on quickly. Avoid dishes that involve boiling. Like rice, pasta, soup etc.

  • When cooking with water, only use the exact amount of water required to reduce wasting.
  • Eat more raw fresh foods like salads, that don’t require cooking
  • Grill, bake, fry, air fry or braai your food instead of steaming or boiling.
  • Invest in waterless-cookware that allows you to cook without adding any extra (or very little) oil or water.

Share your water saving hacks with us in the comments!

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