5 of the Best coffee shops in Cape Town

Love Cape Town for its coffee spots!

A recent move from Jozi to the Mother City with its water shortages admittedly left me a little ‘at sea’ but it only took a week or two to see that coffee culture is alive and well in the Mother City. Thankfully!

Cape Town’s baristas, the captains of coffee, are knowledgeable, skilled and creative; many of them are as skilled at grinding as they are at creating foamy patterns on top of their cappuccinos.

Not working initially, I had time to fly solo, meet the one friend I know here, or just use the coffee shop’s free wi-fi. But the best part of this was the adventure of sussing out the best of Cape Town’s coffee. I am a bit of a coffee-snob, so if Ricoffee is the only option, I choose water. So, if you are looking to do the same (any of the above options), visit one of Cape Town’s coffee dens below. You won’t be disappointed. They will impress – unless you are on the hunt for a Double Skinny Organic Brownie Frappuccino with foam not cream. Then Starbucks is your place.

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  1. Truth Coffee

Truth Coffee is one of my favorite coffee spots. The décor is ‘Steam Punky’ and it is honestly super cool. If you don’t have a clue what Steam Punk is, it’s the most famous new trend you’ve never heard of! It is about giving your personal technology a goth make-over. Think of steam-powered machines, vintage goggles, and funky vests! For the peckish, they have a killer eggs benedict on the menu, but that’s about it food-wise.

Coffee from Truth

Truth Coffee roasts their own beans, so it’s good, but coffee varies in terms of its taste and appeal. Some coffee connoisseurs have rated the venue and décor higher than the coffee itself. But as I say, it’s a personal thing. The price is a quite high as coffee prices go, but it is really a vibey coffee hangout, so it scores extra brownie points for that.

Definitely worth a visit!

Truth Coffee Shop

Click here for more info on Truth Coffee.


2 – Deluxe Coffee

Deluxe Coffee is possibly my personal favorite. There are a few franchises in Cape Town which is also great if you stay out in the sticks, like me, you have options in terms of traveling when the need for coffee is real. All of the Deluxe Coffee shops are small and ‘grungy’ with a bit of a rock vibe going on.

If you are looking for the real McCoy, a proper quality coffee, then this is your place. The coffee taste is consistently good every time and it is flavourful with a strong taste and aroma. These guys have been called ‘The Godfathers of Coffee” and even supply now to some restaurant chains.

Deluxe Coffee Beans

Deluxe Coffee roasts and grinds their own beans. You can even buy some of their beans and they will grind the beans according to your personal coffee preferences. Their mokka grind wins hands-down!

Deluxe Coffee Works

Check them out here for more info.


3- Jasons Bakery

Come hungry and coffee-thirsty. Sample their glorious bread, heavenly sandwiches, the BEST homemade pies (the fillings change every day) and then, of course, the coffee is simply out of this world! Try and get there early for their famous bacon croissant and a flat white to go. It is an unbeaten combination but you can enjoy each on its own too.

The Coffee at Jasons

They only use one kind of coffee bean, but it’s tried and tested and it works well on the coffee taste buds.

Jason’s Bakery

For more info and their address, click here.

4 – Bean There

Such an excellent and appropriately ‘punny’ choice of name. This place has stood the test of time while many other coffee venues surface and fade out in a blink. The coffee at Bean is awesome. They source their coffee from the best beans around the globe. Their coffee appreciation course is also on my Bucket list of ‘Things I want to do in Cape Town.’

Bean there?

For more info on Bean There and their coffee, click here.

5 – Origin Coffee

Origin was started by Joel Singer in 2006. He wanted to offer South Africans exceptional, quality roasted coffee from around the world. Ten years later, his pursuit continues. Origin has expanded its network of stores and supplies coffee to some of the finest cafes, restaurants, and hotels all over South Africa.

My favorite thing about Origin is that or the past 10 years, they have trained over 3000 pro baristas who now pour coffee across South Africa and beyond. Their fully-equipped Barista academy offers a range of courses throughout the month.

A visit to Origin Headquarters in Cape Town or Maboneng, Johannesburg for the full experience. You can meet the artisans, watch the roasting, sit in on a cupping session, and get to taste the coffee while it’s still fresh and expressive.


For more info email info@originroasting.co.za


And that’s my round-up of the best coffee spots in Cape Town. Leave a comment below if you feel differently or if you think another coffee shop should make the list.

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