Bacon on Bree Sandwiches

Bacon On Bree! a Bacon Lovers Heaven!

Bacon on Bree

Cape Town’s ‘number one baconporium’, Bacon on Bree, lives up to the hype, as long as you didn’t bring your vegan friend out with you.

Bacon on Bree

Bacon on Bree is nestled in between some of upper Bree Street’s most trendy and happening eateries and watering holes (like Culture Club Cheese, Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar and the brand new SeaBreeze Fish & Shell). To succeed on the tantalising, hip gourmet strip that is Bree Street, especially at a juncture populated with other restaurants, one has to be exceptional. And make no mistake – that’s just what Bacon on Bree, self-proclaimed ‘number one baconporium in the Cape’ undoubtedly is.

Bacon on Bree Sign

The outside of the restaurant is painted a chic black colour, which contrasts well with its yellow, cheesy neighbour. We visited mid-morning on a weekday, so parking was easy to find. In fairness, this would most likely not be the case later in the day or on weekends. Still, despite the quiet outside, the restaurant was relatively busy, with patrons seated both in the upstairs, entrance area (which doubles as a deli) and in the cosy downstairs section.

Bacon on Bree

The menu is not suited to strict vegetarians and is even less suited to vegans – as I suspect vegetarians would be able to ask for alterations to a few of the dishes, like the toasted cheese sandwiches. The menu is divided into several sections. There are a number of savoury breakfasts on offer, which offer variations on the ‘bacon and eggs’ theme, and range in price from R60-R90.

Bacon on Bree Breakfast

The sandwiches have witty names, including Joey Tribbiani (a meatball sandwich), Don Draper (a burger topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and onions) and Harvey Specter (which the menu describes as ‘Harvey Specter on the weekend’). The sandwiches range in price approximately from R55-R95.

Bacon On Bree Burger

The menu is then rounded off with several salads and some ‘light bites’, in a similar price range. (You’ll be amused to find a ‘Bowl of Bacon’ – which is exactly what you think it is – under the ‘light bites’ category!)

Bacon On Bree Salad

When we visited, we found the service friendly and attentive throughout. After much deliberation, we picked the Meryl Streep, a grilled cheese croissant topped with bacon and homemade hot sauce. The dish was simple but executed to perfection. The croissant was fresh and hot, the cheese was not overpowering, and while the hot sauce had a bit of a kick, it did not ruin the flavours of the dish. As a fun bonus, the food arrived on cutting boards shaped like pigs, which was an amusing touch. In all, the food was extremely pleasant and a definite reason to come back (later in the day, and hungrier!)

Bacon on Bree "Bacon Mary"

Bacon on Bree is licensed and has a fun range of drinks on offer. A highlight is definitely Bacon Mary (a Bloody Mary made with bacon-infused vodka)! Those with less adventurous can pick from a number of wines, ciders and beers.

Bacon On Bree Cuppachino

Given we visited before lunch, we went straight for the TRIBE roasted coffees and had brilliant Flat Whites and an Americano. There are also a number of soft drinks available, including freshly pressed juices. All of the drinks prices are fairly standard for buzzy town hotspots, with the coffees costing R24 and R22 respectively.


Bowl of Bacon from bacon on Bree

Finally, as we’ve mentioned, there is a deli section of the restaurant – so if you liked the bacon on Bree, feel free to take it home with you!

Call 021 4222798 for enquiries or reservations or Visit their Facebook page on for more information.

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