Fun Facts About Cape Town We Bet You Didn’t Know


Being one of South Africa’s oldest cities, Cape Town has a rich history to explore. Here are some interesting facts about Cape Town you probably didn’t know.

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#1. Cape Town was the first city to have permanent European settlement in South Africa

#2. Khoi inhabitants called Table Mountain “kwaggo” which translates to “sea mountain”

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#3. Cape Town is the most gay-friendly city in Africa

#4. Cape Town has a similar climate to California and the Mediterranean.

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#5. The first cable car went up Table Mountain on 4 October 1929, almost 100years ago!

#6. Cape Town was awarded the best place in the world to visit by The New York Times in 2014

#7. Lion’s Head was named “Leeuwen Kop” by the 17th-century Dutch settlers and Signal Hill was called “Leeuwen Staart” translated to Lion’s Tail.

#8. The Mother City is home to the continent’s biggest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) annual events.

#9. The Old Cannon on top of Signal Hill has gone off every day at midday since 1806. It used to let traders know it was time to haul their wares down to the harbor.


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#10. The oldest building in South Africa is the Castle of Good Hope. It was built by the Dutch East India company between 1666 and 1679.

#11. The most visited destination in Cape Town is not, as you might expect, Table Mountain. It’s the V&A Waterfront.

#12. 70% of plant species in the Cape Floral kingdom occur nowhere else in the world.

#13. Cape Town is the second most populated city in South Africa.

#14. The fountain at the end of Adderley Street used to be at the end of the harbour’s pier.

#15. During 1858 a vicious Cape storm blew 30 ships ashore and was wrecked. This resulted in the construction of the first breakwater in 1860.

#16. Adderly Street was once completely made out of wooden blocks. You can still see the evidence of this towards the upper end of the street.

#17.  During the 1840’s, Robben Island was used to house patients with leprosy, mental illness and the chronically ill. There were 338 lepers on the island during 1892.

#18. Long street is one of the oldest streets in Cape Town and is 1.7km in length.

#19. Camps Bay was originally called “Die Baai van von Kamptz”

#20. Over 20 million cableway passengers have traveled up to Table Mountain.

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