Top Travel Youtuber Moves To Cape Town

A top travel Youtube star, FunForLouis, who has traveled all over the globe has chosen Cape Town as his home for the next three months moving in with his girlfriend and fellow travel vlogger RayaWasHere.
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Lious Cole AKA Fun For Louis has about 2 million subscribers on youtube. He makes videos about his trips and adventures around the world, sharing his experiences with his audience. Over the years he has made many trips to Cape Town, but he has recently decided to move in with his girlfriend into an apartment in Clairmont, Cape Town and is planning to stay for three months while he completes his documentary.

In a recent Youtube Q&A video Lious and his girlfriend Raya discuss why they love Cape Town so much and why they have decided on Cape Town as their destination to unpack for the first time in years.

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Golden views over Cape Town ☀️❤

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Photo missions up table mountain! 📷👌🏼

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They also touched on the #watercrisis currently in the city and how mindful they are about their water usage. Raya said that they opt to shower less frequently and have put a bucket in their shower to catch the gray water that they then use to flush their toilet.

The water crisis is definitely real and we are doing our best to make as little impact as we can,” Raya said

When asked why they decided on Cape Town Raya and Louis both said that they loved the sunny, hot summer weather and that they have also made plenty of friends in Cape Town over the years. Louis is currently working on editing his”Beyond Borders” documentary on global diversity and wants to set up a team in Cape Town to help him edit, write, and direct. He also has his “Live The Adventure” office set up in Cape Town with his employees which will make it easier for him to manage his team.

Cape Town is an amazing city,” said Raya, who has visited Cape Town twice before “The mountains…I really want to do a lot of hikes…

Raya’s favorite spots in Cape Town are Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and Boulders Beach and for Louis, he loves the coastline because of the amazing sunsets, beaches, and mountain views.

After traveling all around the world Louis said that “For me, Cape Town is in my top 3 favorite cities,

They are planning a “meetup” in Cape Town soon where their Cape Town fans can hang out with them and maybe even do a hike together. The exact details will still be confirmed so keep a close eye on their social media pages for the announcement if you are interested in attending.


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Like our Facebook Page for more Awesome Cape Town News, views, pics and Videos:

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