Devon Saunders -Better Known as DEVDONDIDIT or his Female Alter Ego “Felicia”

Devon is another of our friends here at Cape Town Is Awesome and he collaborates on our weekly Wednesday Video Series. Those of you that know Devon knows that he is a really funny guy and his little youtube Skits have put smiles on millions of faces (I especially enjoy the “Kaapdashians”). That explains why he already has a following of over 170k across the various social media platforms and have had several Facebook Posts/videos that have gone viral and reached up to 1.7million people.

Devon has also been featured on most Cape Radio Stations and Newspapers and currently has two songs playlisted on Goodhope FM. His Song “Koppel Feelings” reached Number One on the Goodhope FM charts.

Devon and his videos regularly feature on TV and he also had a role in the “Greatest Movie Ever Made” shown on DStv’s premium channel.

For more info on Devon check out the PDF with all his stats.

About Devon Sauders (By Devon Saunders):

Having returned after 6 years abroad I came home to a South Africa that I missed and always loved – a lot had changed and there was anger and some resentment in many people that I came across. So with my love for film and the camera I started making short funny clips about day to day life experiences. Very soon everyone around me encouraged me to create a platform for these clips and so DEVDONDIDIT was born.

I am passionate about all things South African especially the people and I incorporate this into all of my videos. I am also a family man so that in its own allows me great material to create the funny and connect with my fellow South Africans, here and abroad.

Easy going and ambitious with a drive to make anything I am associated to succeed to the best of my ability. My female alter ego is Felicia who pretty much has her own fan following and she features in most of my videos.


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