Local Lock-down Filmmaking


Fellow Captonian and part time filmmaker, Willem Erick Saayman has a passion for filmmaking. He has been living out this passion over the last few years, through 1 minute films and videos he creates with friends and family.

Last year one of his short films won the best action award at the international 1minutefilmfestival in Bulgaria..

This is how he met Thaamir Moerat, the festival owner.. A collaboration was born and currently he is filming and editing a feature documentary about the Moerat family’s rugby legacy… With other projects lined up for the future.

Currently his short film ‘Essential’ or ‘Noodsaak’ is finishing up filming and will be released soon..

This project came about through a conversation with Thaamir about the current covid 19 lockdown in South Africa and how it affects families etc.

The short film stars Thaamir Moerat and Nadia Herbst as the couple, and revolves around a them living through the lockdown together.. We explore how the lockdown changes their experiences, focus and emotions. Hopefully shedding some light and adressing issues not being addressed in public as much.

The short film is shot on location here in Capetown.

Filming this project in both Afrikaans and English similtaniously was definitely a challenge but well worth the effort.

This gripping, emmotional roller coaster opens in 1 month! Don’t miss it. Check their social media platforms @finitefilmstudios @getunedmedia for screening dates and platforms. Starring @moeratthaamir and @real_nadia_herbst

🎬 A finite film studios Production
🎥 Starring Thaamir Moerat and Nadia Herbst
🎼 Music by Scott Buckley
📽 Running time approximately 40 minutes
#noodsaakmovie #essentialmovie
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