Let’s Talk Trash

Dan Mace, along with team mates Kyle Duckitt and Dillon Harland are out to change the way we look at trash.  Who is Dan Mace?

Dan Mace – Youtube content creator and actively looking to inspire positivity across the world.

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In his latest video “Let’s Talk Trash” Dan sets out to try an experiment for change.
The experiment includes top pro surfer Jordy Smith, a giant floating trash can and a lot of ambition.

Dan ask’s the question, “If pro surfer Jordy Smith can ride a wave, do an air and land into the giant floating trash can, why can’t your waste? ”
Check out the video below to see for yourself.

After watching the video, you will definitely be challenged to think differently about trash.  Dan closes off with a call to action to contact them on their website www.letstalktrash.co.za.  Here is an excerpt from the contact page on their site www.letstalktrash.co.za.
“A challenge for change, we’re tired of waiting for someone else to figure out a way to solve the sustainability issues we are facing across the world today.  We’re looking for like minded individuals who want to join up and solve this together.  If you have a sustainability initiative in need of funding and would like our help to find a rad way to fund it, let us know below.  If you don’t have an initiative and would just like to offer your help to the team, email: info@letstalktrash.org


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