Meet the wonderful Catherine Constantinides

Our female feature this Tuesday is Catherine, a climate activist, entrepreneur, humanitarian and a food security advocate. 

She is a tall, blonde and a beautiful woman but one needs to be careful not to underestimate her because she is capable of anything and so much more! Putting her in a box is impossible.

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From being the Executive Director of not only the Miss Earth South Africa programme but also Lead SA’s to serving as a Social Cohesion Advocate for the Department of Arts and Culture in South Africa- she is definitely a force not to be reckoned with!

The Miss Earth South Africa programme is a leadership programme that aims to empower young women with the knowledge and platform to create a sustainable difference in their plight to combat the destruction of our natural heritage. It helps to create awareness of sustainable development, our environment, wildlife and the conservation of our natural legacy in South Africa. The programme is dedicated to inspiring and shaping a generation of young South African women into becoming protectors of our environment and Miss Earth’s contestants have gone on to do remarkable work. You can read more about the programme here :

Catherine believes it is vital for women to understand their importance in protecting our environment- ensuring that it is her goal to empower them. She defines success as “by how one adds value.”  Through her activism, advocacy and leadership, she is helping to add value to the lives of women across the country today!

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