Eco Park Green Point, Cape Town – What a beautiful Place!

Thanks to Alan Rudnicki for these beautiful pics he took at Eco Park Green Point! Alan is a Local Paramedic with a knack and a great love for Photography.

You can see some more of his work on

The Water Wheel in Eco Park, Green Point.

The Water Wheel forms part of the wetlands in Eco Park.

Birds loves the wetlands in Eco Park

There’s abundance of birds in the Eco Park wetlands.

Great view of Eco Park

Beautiful place to spend time with your family and friends.

Cape Town Stadium

View of the Cape Town Stadium from Eco Park Green Point.

The true beauty of Eco Park.

A wide variety of Flora can be found in Eco Park.

Beautiful walkway in Eco Park

Rustic Benches are dotted around so you can sit and relax and just soak up Nature.

Viewpoint of lions head

Beautiful view of Lions head from Eco Park.

Lighthouse in Eco Park

Red Lighthouse in Echo Park Green Point.

Beautiful area in Eco Park.

View of Lions Head in the background.

Old water wheel in Eco Park.

Water wheel blending in with the nature in Eco Park.

Birds in Echo Park.

Birds enjoying the wonderful wetlands in Eco Park.

Thanks Again to Alan Rudnicki for his Pics! They are always Awesome!

You can check out more of his stuff on

Have an absolutely Sensational Day!



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