Skeleton Gorge Waterfall – Awesome!

This little video Clip of the Waterfall at the bottom of Skeleton Gorge was taken by Steve Mathew, an avid runner that takes pics and videos of the Awesome Places he runs through, and posted to the page Water Shedding Western Cape

About Skeleton Gorge:

Skeleton Gorge is a ravine on Table Mountain, the top of which is far from the actual tabletop summit of Table Mountain. From the head of this ravine / gorge, one latches onto a path known as the Smuts Track that leads to Maclear’s Beacon, the highest point on the mountain. And from there, one traverses the entire summit plateau to the upper cable station (by which time you readily opt to ride down in the cablecar as opposed to walking down). For the purposes of this article, ‘Skeleton Gorge’ includes all three segments mentioned above: the actual ravine known as Skeleton Gorge, the Smuts Track and the traverse across the summit. (Excerpt From

Enjoy the Video Below:

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