Our 10 Favorite Instagram Pics with #capetownisawesome – 9 July 2017

We just love some of the Awesome pics that get shared with #capetownisawesome on Instagram so we decided to do a bi-weekly feature of the 10 most Awesome Instagram Pics from that hashtag for those of our followers that are not on Instagram yet. For those of you that are – follow Cape Town Is Awesome on https://www.instagram.com/capetownisawesome/


Our Header Pic was by Aly  (https://www.instagram.com/aly.happysnapper/) and we chose it for the amazing sunset colours. According to her Instagram Profile Aly is “Just a happy snapper who loves the beach. A little bit of beach therapy goes a long way.” We agree with her wholeheartedly!


Our next Pic is by Thapelo Letsholo (https://www.instagram.com/letsholot/) from Botswana. Thapelo likes taking Pics of Animals and Nature.



Helena Sousa (https://www.instagram.com/helenas_images/) is “So passionate about Cape Town, want to share it with the world!www.facebook.com/Helenas-Images-401723376529437” according to her Instagram profile. Helena takes some really Awesome pics of Cape Town Sunsets and Beaches and she has two images in our top 10.


Another Pic by Helena Sousa (https://www.instagram.com/helenas_images/)


Next up is an Image by Instagram user victorius_r (https://www.instagram.com/victorious_r/)


Urshula Stynder (https://www.instagram.com/urshulastynder/) has been featured on Cape Town Is Awesome Before for her Awesome photography and she definitely makes the top 10 with this Beautiful Cape Town Sunset Beach Image!


Rezaan De Wet (https://www.instagram.com/rezaan/) also has two pics in our top 10 favourites this week! We just love her Snaps! According to her Instagram bio, she enjoys “Exploring new places, finding adventures, making memories and capturing some moments along the way…” ????☕?? Cape Town ??”


Another one of Rezaan’s Pics showing of Lions Head.



We absolutely love this image from Instagram user Janice Roode (https://www.instagram.com/janiceinct/). The Purple headphones and phone screen in the image with the absolutely Awesome Sunset behind it just work so well! Love it! Janice Roode’s Instagram bio:  “Capetonian | Mother of two | Happy wife | Daughter of the King | snapchat: JaniceR”


This pic of the Cedarberg Sunset colours by Instagram user Francis Moult (https://www.instagram.com/francfinds/) is also Awesome in our eyes.

Follow Cape Town Is Awesome at https://www.instagram.com/capetownisawesome/ and use the hashtag #capetownisawesome to get a chance to have your images featured.




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