Cape Point – Always Awesome! (Pics)

When in Cape Town, you have to make a Visit to Cape Point. Situated in the Table Mountain National Park, Cape point is not actually the most Southern Point of Africa as many people believe – That honour goes to Cape Agulhas, approximately a 150km’s to the East-SouthEast.

It is, however, an absolutely awesome experience with generally wild, unspoilt nature which is an important haven for seabirds.

Just don’t expect to see a “line in the ocean” where the cold Benguela Current of the Atlantic Ocean and the warm Agulhas Current of the Indian Ocean collide. In fact, the meeting point fluctuates along the southern and southwestern Cape coast, usually occurring between Cape Agulhas and Cape Point. The two intermingling currents help to create the micro-climate of Cape Town and its environs.

Contrary to popular mythology, the meeting point of the currents produces no obvious visual effect; there is no “line in the ocean” where the sea changes colour or looks different in some way. There are, however, strong and dangerous swells, tides and localised currents around the point and in adjacent waters.

Thanks to AJ Pyper who sent us these awesome pics of his recent visit to Cape Point.












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