Kakapo – One of Hundreds of Shipwrecks

The South Western Cape shore is littered with shipwrecks. Each with their own story of notorious storms and fog, ocean currents and a hostile shoreline full of reefs. Over 360 shipwrecks are recorded in Table Bay alone according to the SAHRA (South African Heritage Resources Agency).

South Africa’s geographical position and our history are linked to the rest of the world by us being at the mid-point on the maritime trade route between Europe and the East from the late 15th century onwards.  This is reflected in the nearly 3,000 historical shipwrecks scattered around our coast.

Thanks to Aerospective for the footage:

As the name suggest, AEROSPECTIVE provides aerial footage, it is also about seeing things from a different perspective. If you would like to see any areas nearby which we have not covered, drop us an email and we will get it!

Check out the drone video below:

The Kakapo wreck at Noordhoek Beach.

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