Snow Pictures and Videos Western Cape

As the cold front made land fall this weekend bringing with it rain and snow.  People from all over the Western Cape have been submitting their photos of the snow fall.  With the cold front moving inland there is reports of snow in the Eastern Cape and surrounds.

Below are some pictures and videos of the snow.
We will continue to update the post throughout the day.

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Ceres Mountains

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Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve
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Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve

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Matroosberg and Ceres by Cindy Jacobs

2) Matroosberg and Ceres by Cindy Jacobs
3) Matroosberg and Ceres by Cindy Jacobs
4) Matroosberg and Ceres by Cindy Jacobs
5) Matroosberg and Ceres by Cindy Jacobs
6) Matroosberg and Ceres by Cindy Jacobs

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