Tranquility! Vrede & Lust Wine Estate – a Must Visit!

Vrede en Lust Estate | Depuis 1688

Nestled within a natural amphitheater, shaped by the vertical cliffs of the spectacular Simonsberg Mountain, lies Vrede en Lust Estate – home to the wines produced and bottled by the Buys family.

The history of Vrede en Lust Estate is a story of passion, vision, and resurrection, which goes as far back as 1688 when Flemish merchant Jacques de Savoye arrived at the Cape with the French Huguenots. De Savoye immediately started improving the 60 morgen (55Ha) of land that starts at the Bergriver valley floor and runs up the eastern foothills of the majestic Simonsberg Mountain. More than 10 000 vines were planted by 1691, which grew to 80 000 by 1780.

The Majestic Simonsberg Mountains form a backdrop to the vineyards.

Since the De Savoye reign, Vrede en Lust Estate has changed hands a number of times and in 1996, when the Buys family became the 17th owners, they embarked on a program of renewal to fully realize the exceptional winemaking potential of the land.

Today this breathtakingly modern wine farm, a family owned and managed wine business, is a tribute to its noble roots and continues to build on over 320 years of history and heritage.

Jacques De Savoye named the farm Vrede en Lust in 1688 derived from the Dutch meaning of ‘Peace and Delight’.

The above information from the Vrede & Lust website might give you an idea of the history of the farm but it completely fails to convey the absolute feeling of peace and tranquility you experience while sitting on a bench, overlooking the vineyards against the backdrop of the majestic Simonsberg Mountains with an awesome glass of wine in your hand.

Awesome spot to sit and enjoy the Peace and Tranquility with a glass of wine in the hand….

As for the wines, I must admit that I am no Wine Connoisseur (sacrilege, I know) but, I thoroughly enjoyed their Mocholate Malberg 2015 and from what I gather everyone there that day enjoyed the wines just as much. Vrede & Lust is widely regarded as one of the top wineries in South Africa with their three distinct ranges of wine that they offer:

  • Premium Vrede & Lust Range consisting of the following wines: Jess Dry Rosé 2016, Casey’s Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2015,  White Mischief 2015,  Marguerite Chardonnay 2014,  Viognier 2015, Early Mist Riesling 2015, The Red Lady 2015,  Mocholate Malbec 2015,  Côtes de Savoye 2014 and Lady J Syrah 2012
  • The Flagship Range consisting of the Following Wines: Kogelberg Chenin Blanc 2014,  Barrique 2014,  Pinot Noir 2014 and Boet Erasmus 2012
  • Artisan Range consisting of the following wines:  Artisan Semillon 2014, Artisan Pinot Grigio 2015, Artisan Red Shale Sauv Blanc 2015,  Artisan Riesling 2015,  Artisan Shiraz Cab 2012, Artisan Casey’s Ridge Syrah 2012,  Artisan Napoleonsberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 and the Artisan Cabernet Franc 2013
The Vrede & Lust Flagship Range.

One thing I am sure of, if you want to experience an awesome day out and you absolutely love the peaceful tranquility of the Cape Winelands, you will definitely not be disappointed with a visit to Vrede and Lust wine estate. Just remember, if you head out there you have to be prepared to chill and enjoy some wine…

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