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So, just like wine forms an integral part of any Capetonian’s staple diet, so does COFFEE! The coffee culture in Cape Town is pretty STRONG, let me tell you, and exploring it is pretty cool! Ask any Capetonian and they’ll tell you, in Cape Town coffee is actually a way of life and the sooner you realize that the sooner you’ll be better off. Say goodbye to mediocre cups of instant coffee, and say HELLOO to a sensational, gourmet home-roasted cup of liquid greatness! So, on my journey of Cape Town coffee discovery I stumbled into TRUTH Coffee.

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Okay, I didn’t stumble in, some well-versed locals took me there, so yes, I actually can’t take credit for this one. Oh, and this is another tip about the Mother City, sometimes you have to talk to the real locals to find out exactly where all the hidden gems are. It’s worth it, I promise! But okay, back to TRUTH! As soon as I stepped foot inside TRUTH Coffee HQ, located at, 36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, I was hit with the incredible, mind-blowing scent of COFFEE! Like REAL COFFEE COFFEE – you know what I mean? Like, I like a good cup of coffee as much as the next person, on an early Monday morning after a rough weekend, BRING ON THE COFFEE RIGHT NOW! But, this was truly something else! The scent was strong, magical and oh so alluring! So, I thought I’d share my TRUTH discovery with you and tell you exactly why you should pay them a visit:

  • TASTE THE JOY OF THE EXTRAORDINARY: Yes, this is TRUTH Coffee’s slogan, and WOW, its pretty spot on! TRUTH Café was actually voted the world’s best coffee shop by The Daily Telegraphfor a second year in a row, now that’s pretty darn impressive wouldn’t you agree! So yeah they’re definitely not lying when they say you get to taste the extraordinary!
  • The design and interiors are out of this world: Once you step foot inside TRUTH Coffee you’ll be transported to an on-trend, chic, authentic, local coffee utopia! The award-winning Steampunk-themed home of TRUTH Coffee Roasting as well as their vintage Probat coffee roaster with all of its modern electronics, sets the perfect stage for your coffee adventure of discovery. For a large portion of my time there I found myself looking around, and often staring, at all the super cool interiors like I was stalking Zac Efron and was terrified that if I look down, even just for a second, I was going to lose sight of him. Yes, I did indeed just compare TRUTH Coffee to the likes of Zac Efron, but hey what can I say, the coffee was SUPER good and the interiors cast a spell on me, I’m only human!
  • The staff is super helpful: Okay, I said I liked coffee, but I’m by no means a coffee expert, I must admit! So being in this super on-point coffee shop surrounded by people that clearly know A LOT about coffee, I was definitely a bit intimidated. And although I tried to fake my way through that menu for a good 10 minutes, really looking intently at it, nodding like I knew exactly what was going on, truth is I didn’t! So I gladly surrendered and asked for some guidance. And they were more than happy to oblige and even gave me a whole history lesson on where some of the coffees came from and what taste would suite me best. It was really cool! And I ended up with a cup of coffee that was out of this world! So, here’s a tip, ask them, they’re the experts, and you definitely won’t regret it once you do!

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  • TRUTH Coffee encourages you to embrace the experience: Let’s be honest, we’re all suckers for a bit of sugar here and there, we’re only human. BUT, TRUTH Coffee encourages you to fully embrace the authentic coffee experience, and that means NOT adding sugar to your coffee. There actually wasn’t even sugar on the table. They say in order to fully appreciate the full coffee taste adventure you shouldn’t alter it by adding any extra things – which totally makes sense if you think about it! But they are more than happy to provide you with sugar if you ask, so don’t worry!


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  • They offer SO MUCH MORE: Besides sensational coffee they also offer wine, craft beer, various tea selections (they even have High Tea) and super good food! You can even do a Barista course – how cool is that?

This really was a super cool experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to kick of their Cape Town coffee adventure!

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