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I recently spent a bit of time exploring Cape Town’s West Coast and all I can say is WOW! A true hidden gem! You’ll immediately be transported to white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water and incredible picturesque views. Like I’m not even kidding – it was like a whole new world right there at my very doorstep.

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I was on my Aladdin magic carpet ride discovering a whole new world and most certainly a new fantastic point of view! Let’s just say I was drinking every little bit of that magical West Coast cool-aid and savouring every sip of it! And now I’m ready to sing the West Coast praise to whoever will hear it! So, I thought I’d share a couple of the destinations I visited while I was there and why you should pay them a visit too:

  • Langebaan: My first stop, known as the Jewel of the West Coast, was the magnificent town of Langebaan. And not to bore you with a weather update or anything, but WOW, the weather was absolutely incredible here! Langebaan is actually known for its year-round sunshiny days, and I certainly wasn’t complaining! Langebaan is filled with beautiful beaches, thrilling adventures and magnificent eating spots. And the fact that it’s only about an hour and a half outside of Cape Town is pretty incredible too! You’re close enough for it to be a beautiful day adventure, yet far enough to feel like you’re getting away from the hustle and bustle.

Life really is a beach in Langebaan, mainly because you’ll want to spend most of your time lounging away on one of their beautiful beaches – and do you know what? You definitely should! But what makes these Langebaan beaches so special that you’ll have to travel outside of Cape Town to experience it? I mean, the Mother City has plenty of blue flag beaches to enjoy right! Well, quiet beaches are often the best beaches. Sometimes you just need some time to break away, relax, soak up the sun and enjoy the ocean sounds without a hundred people around you. AKA You just need some ‘ME TIME’! And that’s exactly what you’ll get spending your day on a Langebaan beach. You might even see a seal surfing the waves – you truly can’t make this stuff up! PS. I recommend Calypso Beach!

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  • Jacobsbaai: A rugged, rocky coastline with small, sandy bays tucked in between make the landscape of Jacobsbaai both picturesque and unique. Jacobsbaai is almost straight out of a fairy-tale scene, if I didn’t see it for myself I almost wouldn’t have believed it existed! And do you know what the coolest part is? There aren’t any tar roads – YES, it’s all dirt road. How cool is that? Really taking the saying ‘off-the-beaten-path’ to a whole new level. Its authentic and raw beauty however means there isn’t too much around so best you pack a picnic basket and some drinks. I promise you’ll have soo many beautiful picnic spots to choose from you’ll almost want to take each bite of your sandwich standing at a different view point – I’m not even kidding, that’s how beautiful it is! Don’t believe me; go have a look for yourself! The sign is pretty hidden so if you go too fast you might just miss it, so be sure to be on the look-out!
  • Paternoster: Are you ready for Paternoster? Because Paternoster is DEFINITLEY ready for you! Paternoster is an absolute MUST-SEE when traveling up the West Coast as it epitomizes the authentic and traditional West Coast lifestyle, and life here is so closely connected to the sea that it will certainly blow your mind. Not only is it one of the oldest fishing villages on the West Coast of South Africa but Fishermen still head out daily in colourful traditional wooden boats to catch fish. So yes, seafood is to Paternoster locals what vegetables are to Vegetarians, their absolute bread and butter! Paternoster is all about their seafood, and LOTS of it! So by now you’ve definitely worked up an appetite – time for lunch! And Paternoster is the place to do it! You are guaranteed one incredible seafood culinary experience you won’t soon forget. It will be local, lovely, and oh so LEKKER! But besides all of the INCREDIBLE seafood it is also home to one of the most magnificent beaches! Spending some time on the Paternoster beach is truly something special – it’s also home to hundreds of Seagulls so be prepared for quite a show!


  • Saldanha Bay: Situated in South Africa’s largest natural Bay, Saldanha is a stunning sea-side village that is known for its contrasts and natural beauty. It is also the hub of the fishing industry – so if you’re into all of that this is certainly the place to be! This largely unspoilt part of the world is also home to seagulls, cormorants, Cape gannets, duikers and terns that tend to outnumber humans by about a million to one, so be prepared to be dominated! Just kidding, they’re all pretty chilled so you’ll be just fine! But it really is quite an incredible thing to see. Saldanha is also a favourite amongst the ocean thrill seekers that enjoy kite surfing and deep sea diving as well as a very popular hot-spot for fishing enthusiasts. It therefore truly provides something for everyone!

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