Smoothie Bowl Review

Sticking to the life of health & fitness, means firstly sticking to your eating plan.
Of course, meal prep is the no 1 option, so you know exactly what you are consuming AND it can be much more cost effective.
If you are on the go and feel for yummy a snack but don’t feel for another smoothie, an item that popped on menu’s at healthy food places are smoothie bowls!

This is my preference between Kauai’s choc smoothie bowl and Wellness Warehouse’s Espresso Nut butter smoothie bowl pictured in front.

Both of these smoothie bowls are finished off with tasty toppings such as banana, cocoa nibs, dates, granola, almond flakes etc

These are the main points that set them apart for me.

The consistency/firmness:

Having eaten Kauai’s smoothie bowls a few times, I have been disappointed all of the time. It’s runny ( like a soup) and drips off your tablespoon.
Because it’s chocolate colour too, just brings other nasty thoughts to mind 🙊

Wellness Warehouse bowl is firm and it’s consistency is like a pudding and really fills you up, not to mention their portion is much bigger than Kauai’s too.
Kauai says they use whey, and if they do it must be a poor grade.
Being lactose intolerant, my stomach always bloats and does all sorts of burpees after having it.
Wellness Warehouse uses hemp protein, and even tho the protein content may not be as high as whey, I will rather go for a lesser serving protein and save myself from stomach problems for the rest of the day.
Having a shot of espresso in the Wellness wharehouse bowl is like the cherry on top 👌

If you feel for a smoothie bowl, my option would be to go for Wellness Warehouse.

More affordable, more for your Rand, tasty and friendly on your stomach makes it a winner for me 😁

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