5 Must Do’s at the V&A Waterfront

Ok, so you have been to the V&A Waterfront numerous of times before. You have seen what there is to see – right? But have you? Just when you think you have seen everything – out jumps another Must Do activity. This place alone can keep you busy in Cape Town for days. Check if you have done these 5 Must Do’s at the V&A Waterfront

1) A Harbour Cruise

2) SAS Summerset Museum

3) The Watershed

4) The Clock Tower

5) The Cape Wheel

And if you are a busy-body and have done all 5! There’s nothing wrong with doing them again! Because each time it becomes a new experience with new memories. Enjoy your next visit!

Thanks to, Thalia and John, for sharing this video with us of their visit.

Check out the short video here:

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