Awesome Infographic about the Southern Right Whale!

Watch the waters of the Southern Atlantic Ocean between June and December and you will notice that modern-day giants really do exist. Weighing in at a hefty 60 tons and reaching lengths of over 15 meters, the Eubalaena australis (most commonly known as the Southern Right Whale) has survived the ravages of time. Once ruthlessly hunted by humans these whales are now a protected species and their numbers are on the rise. They still dutifully manage to make the long arduous journey from the icy waters of the Antarctic to their breeding grounds in the southern coastal regions of South Africa.

For five months of the year, Walker Bay hosts what are undoubtedly the best whale watching opportunities in the world. Southern Right Whales are curious by nature and visitors won’t be disappointed. Look out for a 5m high V-shaped spray of water being expelled from their blowholes, announcing the arrival of one of the greatest shows on earth.

Check out the Awesome Infographic below showing all the stats of the Southern Right Whale:

This information graphic was proudly brought to you by Xplorio, your local connection to Hermanus in South Africa, and Dyer Island Cruises, an operator for whale watching in Hermanus.

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