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I’m about to go explore the Atlantic Seaboard, are you keen to join? Grab your sunglasses, a high-resolution camera and DEFINITLEY a swimming costume or 2, we’re about to kick this up a gear, Atlantic Seaboard style! Oh, and perhaps pack your best sandals and an outfit change or 4, this magical strip of beaches and on-trend ocean-side towns is not known as Cape Town’s “Riviera” for nothing. Yes, the Atlantic Seaboard is definitely known to draw the whose-who of the world. Yip, I did indeed say the WORLD! This magnificent Cape Town ensemble of destinations certainly attracts people from all corners of the globe, and once you spend merely 5 minutes exploring it, you’ll know exactly why. Spend a day in its wake and you’ll be hooked, it’ll NEVER let you go, and do you know what, you’ll never want it to either. Its magic will have forever cast a spell on you, and you’ll certainly revel in every little bit of it. The Atlantic Seaboard stretches from the V&A Waterfront on the north shore of Table Mountain up as far as Hout Bay. And its beaches are certainly one of Cape Town’s worst kept secrets, mainly because how on earth can you keep such magnificent beauty all to yourself? It deserves to be shared, loved, celebrated and cherished, it deserves to be known! So, I’m about to make sure EVERYONE knows! Let’s take a closer look at 5 of Atlantic Seaboard’s world-renowned destinations and beaches:

Camps Bay beach: People just can’t seem to get enough of that Camp’s Bay magic, and once you see it for the first time, you won’t be able to either! The beautiful Camps Bay is considered by many as one of Cape Town’s most breath-taking beaches. Camps Bay really is where it’s all happening. Often referred to as the Miami of Cape Town, this incredible seaside destination boasts spectacular restaurants and watering holes aplenty that line the famous sunset strip for fun that goes on long after dark. It is known to be one of the hottest destinations for the rich and famous to see and be seen. Featuring some of the trendiest hangouts in all of Cape Town there’s no denying that this is most certainly the place to be. And with a white sand beach that stretches as far as the eye can see, a magnificent view of the incredible Twelve Apostles Mountain, palm-fringed trees and incredible year-round summer vibe it really isn’t hard to understand why Camps Bay is a Mother City favourite among tourists and locals alike!

Llandudno: Llandudno Beach is one Atlantic Seaboard gem that will absolutely take your breath away, there’s no doubt about it! Llandudno lies nestled in a private and peaceful cove and is considered as one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the whole of Western Cape, however some might even say the world! The beautiful beach, renowned for its white sands, crisp blue waters and giant boulders is arguably one of the most photogenic in Cape Town. Yeah, if Llandudno was on Tinder, it would be receiving right swipes all day long, just saying! This beach is also considered as a favourite amongst all the locals and tourists that enjoy an array of beach sports. But, by far one of the best things about Llandudno beach is the fact that it, to this day, remains unspoilt. With largely untouched countryside fynbos stretching off in both directions, the Twelve Apostles beautifully visible to the one side, whilst Little Lion’s Head and the Karbonkelberg Mountain sweep off in the other – there is a certain unapologetic beauty to this beach that is hard to deny! Llandudno is an absolute must-see when exploring the Atlantic Seaboard!

Clifton Beach: Home to Millionaires Row, the trendy Clifton is known as Cape Town’s St Tropez, and after spending just 5 minutes in her wake you’ll be a Clifton believer too! Clifton is trademarked by 4 main beaches, known as Clifton 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. These beaches, divided into four distinct coves by stretches of granite boulders, are regarded as being amongst the most beautiful in the world. And during the lovely summer months has been known to attract sun-lovers from all corners of the globe. Yes, Clifton has fast become a trendy, chic, and viby ocean-side paradise where you’re bound to bump into someone well known. The white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, trendy hangouts and unique style and flare all add to Clifton’s reputation as the French Riviera of South Africa. The magical Clifton beach has also been the subject of countless travel photos over the years, gracing the pages of many travel magazines. It will therefore certainly make for plenty of Instagram worthy shots, yeah, people will be double tapping your Clifton pics like nobody’s business. What can I say, Clifton loves to show off and I’m not mad about it one bit. You know what they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and Clifton certainly has it ALL!

Hout Bay: Hout Bay is by far one of Cape Town’s most beautiful fishing villages. But, don’t you dare be fooled by the quiet nature of this spectacular seaside town located along the Atlantic Seaboard, it is full of immense beauty, character, and a certain magic that is almost palpable. Hout Bay, or the Republic of Hout Bay as it is affectionately known by locals, is set in a fold of sea-lapped mountains overlooking the ocean as well as the magnificent Chapmans Peak. This is one Mother City view that might just leave you speechless! Besides an incredible view, Hout Bay beach is characterised by soft, powdery sand dunes and stretches almost a kilometre in length from Chapman’s Peak towards the Hout Bay Harbour, thereby providing plenty of space for everyone wishing to soak up some of that lovely Hout Bay sun. It is also a great family beach with an extra special treat – Cape Fur Seals! By far one of Hout Bay’s main attractions that keep people coming back for more is its incredible Seal Colony. These wonderful ocean creatures can often be spotted from the shoreline together with dolphins and whales, how cool is that!

Bantry Bay: Bantry Bay is another Atlantic Seaboard favourite! As the name suggests it lies perched on the rocks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in one of the most exclusive bays in the whole of Cape Town. Crashing waves, magnificent sunsets and protection from the wind make Bantry Bay much sought after by locals and tourists alike. And we all know how unpredictable Cape Town wind can be, so this is a major plus! It is also considered a prime location because of its proximity to just about everything. It’s positioned just outside the vibey sea-front suburb of Sea Point, hugging the slopes of Lion’s Head, Table Mountain just within its reach, and a quick stroll from Clifton and Saunders rock – can it get any better? You know what they say – location, location, LOCATION! And this is certainly one Atlantic Seaboard location that is in high demand!

Other equally magnificent Atlantic Seaboard gems include the following: Glen Beach; Mouille Beach; Saunders Rocks; Maiden’s Cove; Bakoven Beach; Sandy Bay (YES, this is indeed the famous nudist beach!). All of these are equally magnificent and DEFINITELY worth exploring!

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