Calling all artistic enthusiasts & die-hard lovers of all things creative! And even if you’re not, this will certainly make you sit up & take note! They say art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves all at the same time, but experiencing this Mother City masterpiece first hand will take that to a whole new level. You’ll lose yourself alright, but you might NOT want to be found again – just saying! Recently named one of TIME Magazine’s Top 100 destinations of 2018, Zeitz MOCAA Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is a true artistic and architectural stroke of genius in every sense of the word. I’m certainly no art fundi or architectural oracle, but wow I can appreciate a visual work of art when I see one, and believe me Zeitz MOCAA is all of that and so much more. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Here are a couple of reasons why you would appreciate Zeitz MOCAA even if you’re not an art enthusiast of any sort, and why you would fall absolutely head-over-heels in love with it if you are:

The architecture in itself is magnificent: Built in 1921 the Grain Silo remains an icon of the Cape Town Skyline. This building truly is an artwork on its own. Besides all the magnificent artistic masterpieces, the building itself, known as the Grain Silo, is one spectacular piece of structural awe. Imagine forty-two 33 metre high concrete tubes, each with a diameter of 5.5 metres, with no open space to experience the volume from within. Imagine redesigning this into a functional space that will not only pay tribute to its original industrial design and soul but will become a major, not-for-profit cultural institution housing the most significant collection of contemporary art from Africa and beyond – well. This is EXACTLY what you’ll get at the Zeitz MOCAA.

It is a true CELEBRATION of African art at its very best: Zeitz MOCAA has given African art one of the grandest platforms from which to proclaim its incredible magic. It has made people finally take note of Contemporary African art, and it’s so cool to see! There are over 100 galleries situated within this museum which is dedicated to displaying art from more than 50 African artists. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a pure and joyous celebration of contemporary African art at its finest.

There is a little bit of everything: Zeitz MOCAA definitely makes it a top priority to provide something for every art taste and creative desire. You can expect to see sculptures, photographs, films, paintings, dancing and music performances, all forming part of this unique African art collection.

It makes even the ‘non-artists’ feel right at home: It’s a pretty cool feeling stepping into this Mother City gem for the very first time, not only because you’re immediately surrounded by magnificence, but because somehow you feel right at home. It can often be intimidating to step into a grand institution like this, full of incredible art and die-hard artistic enthusiasts, you always feel a little out of place. But this is not at all the case at Zeitz MOCAA! There is a certain magic in the air, a feeling that we are all here for the same thing – to unite in an incredible celebration of African art. To stand together regardless of our diversity and adversity and unite in a glorious celebration of what our country and its people are capable of. It’s crazy that art can do all this, but you know what? It’s the truth!

It’s provides people with FREE entry on certain occasions: YES, you read that right! Zeitz MOCAA is dedicated to spreading the art magic as far and wide as they can, so much so that they offer free entry on the following days:

–       Under 18: Free entry, all year, at all times, for under 18’s. Free entry on presentation of an ID.

–       Free entry for African citizens: Wednesday’s 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. free entry on presentation of an ID.

–       Free entry on Museum Night: For first 2 000 guests only, thereafter half price admission. Next Museum Night takes place on Wednesday, 28 June and Thursday, 27 September 2018. 5 – 10 p.m. Last entry 9:30 p.m.

–       Free entry on Heritage Day, 24 September: 10 am – 6 p.m. Last entry: 5:30 p.m.

–       Half price (R 95) every First Friday of the month: 5 – 9 p.m

How COOL is this – make a plan to get there, you definitely won’t regret it!

It invites you to always come back for more: There is SO MUCH art to see, different styles, expressions, interpretations, there is absolutely no way you can see it ALL in one day. But that’s the cool, and AMAZING, thing about art, one piece can be interpreted in a thousand different ways and your perspective of it can change as you go through different things in life. This is exactly what Zeitz MOCAA encourages! To loose ourselves in the incredible beauty and power of art, and to come back again and do it all over again.

To see the DRAGON: Move over Game of Thrones, we have our very own Dragon too, and he’s pretty darn cool! This fierce masterpiece will greet you right as you enter the Atrium, and what a welcome it is indeed! This unique piece of art was created by Nicholas Hlobo, its title impundulu zonke ziyandilinda, (All the Lightning Birds Are After Me) refers to a mythological Lightning Bird or dragon. But, regardless of the meaning, this Zeitz MOCAA Dragon is one incredible head-turner and creates a definite lasting impression.

The rooftop sculpture garden: There are 2 things that are incredibly cool about this: 1 – you’re on a rooftop in Cape Town, say WHAAAAT! This is a pretty magnificent feeling! 2 – While admiring the sculpture garden you can also get down on your knees and peer down through the glass to get a whole new perspective on the Zeitz MOCAA Dragon. This is an absolute MUST when visiting the museum.

Wonder through the Silo District: The Silo District in itself offers one super cool journey of discovery, that’s for sure! Go catch a whirl on one of their spinning chairs (maybe even have the video camera ready, this can get pretty interesting), catch some rays, or marvel at all the incredible architecture and design – the Silo District definitely offers a couple of amazing things to explore!

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