Paternoster – Well worth a Visit!

Paternoster is such an Awesome little town! On a recent visit, we stopped by the Paternoster Vismark and sent the drone up for a few pics from above.

We also stopped in at Amanda’s Shop at the Fishmarket where she sells all kinds of interesting little trinkets and art. Amanda’s is a firm favourite for the kids visiting the beach because of her Awesome cheap toys.

Long Story short – If you are looking for an Awesome break on the Westcoast – Paternoster is a firm favourite!

Below is a quick video Paternoster and Amanda’s and below that a whole bunch of Drone Pictures.















Some more info on Paternoster from Wikipedia:

Paternoster is a sought after tourist destination and is known for lobster and the whitewashed fishermen’s cottages. The remarkable coastline of jagged cliffs and white boulders makes this one of the most beautiful beaches on the West Coast of South Africa.

The area is a pillar in the South African commercial fishing industry. The town itself has a lobster factory and a newly erected Kabeljou farm, whilst the local people catch and sell herring, or draw mussels from the rocks. In the greater area are several more commercial activities, including deep sea fishing, snoek catching, abalone farming, oyster farming, canning of pilchards and mussel farming. The oyster farm in the lagoon of the neighbouring town of Langebaan is currently the largest in South Africa. The West Coast rock lobster Jasus lalandii was enjoyed by the first Portuguese navigators.By 1902 a full-blown lobster industry was in operation, canning and exporting lobster to France in particular. The West Coast lobster industry generates millions each year and employs large numbers of the local people.

In the 1930s the first Redro factory was erected in Paternoster. Redro fish paste has been developed by the Stephan family in an effort to compete with the already popular Peck’s Anchovette of Britain. It flew off the shelves when first released and enjoyed nearly three decades of uncompromising sole monopoly in the savoury spread market and is now owned by Pioneer Food Group.

The Cape Bokkoms has been well known in this region and has been a cheap and practical source of protein for centuries. The unique method of preparing and drying fish has grown in leaps and bounds, often for export, in response to the growing demand for the product from South Africa.

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