SWEAT 1000- one of the best workouts in Cape Town!

Have you ever gone to a gym class and thought really was it worth it? Never worry about that again with SWEAT 1000!

*All pictures are taken from SWEAT 1000 website: https://www.sweat1000.com/

SWEAT stands for Specialised Weight Endurance Athletic Training. What makes SWEAT so special is that it integrates the components of interval training, functional training, core stability work, athletic training AND agility training resulting in the highest level of physical training all rounded up in a one hour dynamic, action packed class.

With SWEAT 1000 every class is different, challenging and honestly exhilarating. What does it incorporate? Ultimately it is a full body work out, where you will spend half the class alternating on the treadmill and half the class on the floor with an end goal of burning 1000 calories. The SWEAT 1000 instructors are all super motivating, and encourage you to do your best in every class you take part in. Hearing “Fitter, Stronger, Faster” makes you move that much harder.

It is one of the best full body workouts you will ever experience, and is guaranteed to help you achieve your best body ever! It really is a party for gym bunnies, with music blasting in the background, disco lights lighting up the space, your workout has never been more fun!

The results that people have achieved from losing weight to increasing their fitness levels have revolutionised group training. From my experience, I can honestly say it is addictive because with every SWEAT class you go to, you will notice changes in your body and fitness levels. To top it off, the SWEAT community is amazing, and by joining you will really feel a part of a family.

There are no Joining Fees, contracts or memberships thus eliminating any barriers to entry. Clients only pay for the classes that they participate in. All bookings are made on-line through our Easy to Use Software solution. It really is life changing. Enjoy your first introductory class for free.

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