In today’s Photographer Spotlight we look at some of the work of Daniel Grebe, a 22-year-old local photographer based in Kommetjie. Daniel is a very talented young photographer and We especially love his Ocean Pics!
Daniel makes a living from freelance photography work as well as assisting professional photographers. He grew up in Kommetjie on the beach and spent hours every day as a kid in the surf with his friends.Daniel’s always had a fascination with the ocean; its raw beauty and power. The different moods and emotions it brings by watching it move or moving with it while in the surf.
DylanSwindale - Longbeach - Apr21
DylanSwindale, Longbeach, Apr21
Around the age of 12, Daniel found an old camera in his sister’s cupboard, which he immediately claimed to take photos of his friends surfing. Soon after that, he received his own DSLR camera, and so the world of photography opened up to him. In the 10 years since finding that first Camera, Daniel has moved on from just surf photography to interior/real estate, Product, Lifestyle, Weddings, basically anything. He completed a full-time photography course at the Cape Town School of Photography.
I love Kommetjie and its beauty, it is where I find a lot of my inspiration and creativity. It is where my dream began.